Tips On Applying Makeup For Newbies

makeuptipsDo you want to learn how to apply makeup but not sure how? If you’re a newbie, then fear not as I’m going to give you a few excellent tips to help you get started and looking your best.

Sure, applying makeup can become pretty complicated since they are so many different brands and types of make up, however, you just need to know the basics.

So let’s get started.

The first thing that you need is a good foundation. Foundation is either a powder or liquid that is applied to your face that is the same color as your skin. It is meant to provide a smooth and flawless finish where any blemishes, dark spots or large pores are completely concealed. It is important that your foundation accurately matches your skin tone and is properly blended into your skin. If not, then it will be obvious and you certainly don’t want to have “white face” or “black face.”

Once you have applied your foundation, you will have to apply a face powder. This is the second layer which is applied with a wide brush. The powder should also be the same color as your face. Make sure to apply the powder not only onto your face but also your neck and blend!

Thirdly, you will have to consider the type of eye makeup you want to wear. For complete newbies, simply wearing eyeliner is enough. This helps to draw focus on the eyes and looks fantastic. You can also try using eye shadow. This is applied on the upper lids of the eyes with a brush. There are many ways you can apply eye shadow and it is best to get some help from a friend or watch a video on how to apply it, mix the colors and match them according to your outfit.

You will also need to use mascara. Always buy high quality mascara that doesn’t clump or run when wet. You never know when you’ll get wet in the rain, or happen to cry. Therefore, waterproof mascara is simply essential for every woman. When applying mascara, make sure to start from the root of your eyelashes, all the way up to the tip in a curving sweep. This will help them to curl upwards and look natural.

That’s all you really need. Don’t go crazy buying loads of products, or the really expensive brands. Just these few basics products and you’ll be off and running. I’d recommend going for more natural organic makeup products anyway (here’s why).

So, there you have it, a few great makeup tips that any newbie can try to get looking your most beautiful best. Once you try wearing makeup, I’m sure you’ll love the results.